Quality Standard

Specialists in Injection Mould Tooling


Elite have been designing and manufacturing moulding tools for the plastic and rubber industries for the last 40 years. Over this time they ahve been producing high quality products for a wide range of satisfied and discerning clients. Elite design and manufacture mould tools for a wide range of applications including, Light Fittings, Domestic, Plumbing, Electronics, Unscrewing, and Automotive products. Vacuum forming moulds are also produced, utilising the speed and capabilities of the CNC machines. Elite are also specialised in the design and manufacture of Injection, Transfer and Compression tools for the Rubber Industry.


The company comprises of 8 toolmakers all with years of experience in the field of mould and precision engineering. This highly experienced and dedicated workforce is the most important asset of Elite which the company ensures through continuous investment, development and training. Although relatively small Elite have and are investing in the latest ‘cutting edge technology’ with the latest CNC machine tools, and is backed with the ever changing design and programming methods.


Tools are complicated and often have many moving parts, therefore the quality of manufacture with regard to size, finish and hardness must be high. Elite achieves this using the best materials, high skills and good design on all its tools. The quality of the tools are reflected in the product that they produce and therefore where possible, moulding and cooling water tests are carried out before dispatch.

Service and Refurbish

As tooling is relatively expensive, your tools can be serviced at intervals by Elite which could save money and production time. After all you would not go without servicing your car for long periods! A cost can be given prior to work.

Size and Weight

The size of tooling is not as important as its weight as a 1000mm square Vac. Mould would weigh less than an injection mould of 400mm square. A maximum tool weight for Elite would be 3 tonnes.

Customer Liaison and Design

Although we can design and manufacture tools from 3D instructions on compact disc’s we are still in a position to sit down with a  customer and discuss their needs from a sketch or model. W3e can advise the best and cheapest way to make a mould for the product, draw up component drawings, give them 3D images or even make a sampling mould to trial a product before investing in production tooling.

The system is completely flexible, which is why we consider Elite to give,
“The Complete Tooling Package”.